Chaya Wiesel - Art Studio

Shivetei Israel16 st,Jerusalem, Israel 972-02-5639506

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Abstract David  |  Jerusalem Silver Necklace  |  Rooted David Necklace  |  Magen david on Abalon Necklace  |  Jerusalem Walls Necklace  |  Jerusalem Gate Necklace  |  Window To Israel Necklace  |  Hamsa on Agat Necklace  |  Star of David Watch  |  Shemah Israel necklace  |  Heart Pendant  |  Magen David Pendant  |  A special silver pendantp  |  Convex Flower Silver Pendant Pearl  |  Blooming heart silver pendant  |  Silver Pendant Small Rhythmic  |  HEART PENDANT  |  The Three Flowers Silver Bracelet  |  My flower silver ring  |  Magen Shema Torah finger  |  Am ISRAEL Chay Torah Finger  |  Silver mezuzah  |  Silver Napkin Hug  |  Small Rhythm Ring  |  Silver ring  |  Pearl silver ring  |  Flower & Leaves  |  Roots Ring  |  Garnet Splash Ring  |  Romantic Swirls Ring  |  Pearly Swirl  |  Flower in my Garden on Mother of Pearl  |  Rhythm Ring  |  Puzzle Ring  |  Rose & pearl ring  |  NEVER ENDING RING  |  Spiral & Gray Pearl Ring  |  Smadar ring  |  SWIRLS & DRIPSTONES  |  Dark Flower Silver Earrings  |  Roots Clips Earring  |  Harp Clips Earrings  |  Round Hamer and Dripstones  |  Rhythmic with Blue topaz  |  Round Flowers  |  Flowers pendant  |  Swarovsky hoops pendant  |  Mother of PEARL with RHYTHMIC  |  Dripstones Pendant  |  Smoki inside the flower  |  Swarovski in Movement Pendant  |  Flower, leaf & Swarovski Bunch  |  Window Mother of Pearl  |  Silver pendant: Flower in My Garden  |  Framed filigree pendant  |  Silver Pendant with Topaz Lace  |  Smadar pendants  |  Ties silver pendant  |  Dream Catcher silver pendant  |  Family Tree Kiddush Goblet  |  Shalom-Peace Dove Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup  |  Ani ledodi Vdodi Li Kiddush Cup  |  Miriam with Tambourine" Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup  |  Prophet Elijah Kiddush Goblet  |  Sterling Silver Star of Magen David Kiddush Cup  |  Root Hammered Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup  |  Chatan and Kala Kiddush Goblet  |  Jerusalem Footing Kiddush Goblet  |  Jerusalem Kiddush Goblet  |  Jerusalem Big Kiddush Goblet  |  EARRINGS  |  RINGS  |  CLIP EARRING  |  PENDANTS  |  WATCHES  |  NECKLACES  |  JUDAICA JEWELRY  |  Kiddush Goblets  |  Bath Mitzva Gifts  |  Judaica Gifts  |  Bar Mizva Kiddush Cup  |  DREIDELS  |  

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CHW SILVERART is a family owned business, founded by the designer CHAYA WEIZEL and her husband EFRAIM.

 Chaya Weisel was born in Israel and graduated from the Advanced Institute of Arts in Tel Aviv. She defines her work as a "return to the roots". Her original designs are inspired by her deep connection to the history of Israel and her religious background.

Chaya Weisel specializes in original modern designs of Judaica and exceptional modern jewelry made of sterling silver 925 and semi precious stones.

Chaya’s inspiration is always flowing, allowing her to express herself in the special jewelry that is handmade in her studio.

The CHW SILVERART studio is located in B’nei–Brak where the Wiesels live. From there, her creations reach the far corners of the  world.